As a mother myself, I understand watching your children grow up is a bittersweet experience; as a result, you likely feel a twinge of sadness with each passing milestone: their first steps, first words, and the first time they approach you with the question you knew would come eventually: Mum, can I wear makeup?

There’s no denying that makeup is a prevalent part of our society and isn’t going away any time soon. The tv shows and movies our tweens watch often feature kids their age with sparkly eyeshadow and glossy lips - it’s only natural for them to develop an interest in makeup.

kids makeupWhen approached with this question, many mothers find themselves in a difficult position. On the one hand, we don’t want to prevent them from expressing themselves. On the other hand, we can’t help but wonder if they’re too young. However, makeup experimentation for tweens is not something to shy away from. Continue reading to learn more about how to navigate this situation and turn it into a positive experience for both you and your tween.

Make Beauty Time Bonding Time

Mums are their children’s biggest influencers - not the social media or Hollywood stars. Instead of instilling strict no-makeup policies (and risk your tween wearing makeup against your wishes), try to make the experience a collaborative one. Shop for products together, teach them your tried-and-true techniques, and reinforce the importance of makeup removal. By playing the role of a friend, we eliminate the risk of alienating our children and instead open doors for stronger, healthier mother-daughter relationships. makeup box

Many people believe that wearing makeup at a young age is dangerous to their health due to toxic ingredients found in some products. Fortunately, there is a way to clear this obstacle - research! Before heading to the mall, take some time to sit together to research clean cosmetics and where to find them. Additionally, be sure to take note of your tween’s allergies or conditions and avoid products that could potentially exacerbate them.

Find the Right Products 

As mothers ourselves, we recognise that allowing your children to wear natural makeup is a big step for both of you, so finding the right products for your daughter is essential.


girl products

At Twinxie Girl, we specialise in the best makeup for tweens, taking the guesswork out of finding the right cosmetics for your kids. Our collection features safe, easy-to-use products that are created to enhance our tweens’ natural beauty.

Free of parabens, gluten, phthalates, and other harmful ingredients, we opt for natural ingredients to enhance their complexion and treat sensitive skin. Our starter make up kits for tweens features organic products that include nourishing elements, such as jojoba oil, mango butter, and pomegranate oil.

Support Their Makeup Journey

Remember that makeup is a healthy form of self-expression - a way to discover their true selves. Our tweens will likely go through bad makeup phases (we’ve all been there). It’s a part of growing up. Allowing them to make their own mistakes from time to time will grant them a sense of autonomy, and the accomplishment they receive from correcting them will be far more rewarding. So, try to be a guiding, knowledgeable figure during your child’s natural makeup journey and remain a champion for their natural beauty. We guarantee your parent-child relationship and their self-esteem will improve as a result!

January 12, 2022 — Vanessa C.